WorldAirways20aAdventure Sims America is located in Lake Wales FL, less than an hour south of Orlando and east of Tampa. Here in sunny Lake Wales we welcome you to come fly our simulators.

Our mission is pure entertainment and inspiration. We want to enable anyone who is interested in trying to fly a big transport aircraft. Here there are no prerequisites, no training is required, no experience necessary to come and fly our simulators. We want to include everyone who has an interest in finding out what the pilots of these jets do as they fly from airport to airport. If you think you might be interested in a career in aviation, or if you just want to know what goes on in the cockpit, our simulators are a great and affordable place to check it out!

We have been in the flight simulator business since 2000, and all of our flight simulators are 1-to-1 scale, non-motion, and are built using actual aircraft parts by Northern Flight Sim. We currently operate a B-707 simulator, a B-737 simulator, a Learjet 25 simulator, a Challenger Ultralight simulator, and a Benson Gyro simulator.  (B-727 and a DC-9 simulators are currently under construction.)