Enjoying a “Day at the Office with Dad”

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Aug 132014

2014Dad is a flying pilot with a major US airline and he sat right seat as each son flew a flight in the captain’s seat of our B-707 simulator.


-June 2014

B-707 Sim

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Aug 132014

John from Brazil 2014John from Brazil sent us this great picture he took in our sim during his flight at Sun ‘n Fun this year.



– Sun ‘n Fun 2014

Testimonial & photos from A. Huffman

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Jul 082013

AnitaHowdy Guys!

Just wanted to thank you for the experience in the B707 Sim, that was a really cool sim!

Amazing work u people are doing there.

I have flown several Level D sims including the B707 (KC 135) at Tinker AFB, And at various airlines, your sim felt good and looked good, I really liked the sign on the door, “this is a FMC free zone” or something like that.


Friendly people there at Sun N Fun, fun to talk to. Anyway keep going with your project it’s a good one! 🙂 Hopefully see u next year at Sun N Fun!

“The first female” to fly your sim at Sun N Fun!

Anita Huffman ATP Pilot


– Sun ‘n Fun 2013